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These were all the gears Luffy has and will have in the near future. Instead, he is seen emitting huge amounts of steam, which is what differentiates it from his base form. Snakeman is the last sub-form. This form was used only once and we expect to see it again. However, Luffy suffered incredible damage when using this power, evident from the fact that he simply passed out upon using this technique. Luffy Gear 2. One of Monkey D. Monkey D.

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The hand movement is changed as well and it looks like leopard fist. Interestingly, this technique can only be pulled off by Luffy. Skip to content.

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Luffy Gear 2. Related Topics Lists one piece. Skip to content. To choose a size, please refer to the size chart below.

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How to Obtain Rare Recruit. Buggy's Counterattack!! His genius often shines when he fights opponents stronger than him, such as Lucci at Water 7.


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Tankman is the second sub-form. Nonetheless, it packed quite a lot of power as Gecko Moria was defeated with its usage. After watching the Soru ability, one of the Rokushiki powers, just once, Luffy figured out how the technique works. Luffy's attack, known as 'Gomu Gomu no Gigant Jet Shell' sees his combine the powers of the two gears. How to Obtain Rare Recruit. The first one is Boundman. Prior to the two-year time-skip, this was Luffy's strongest technique and the only time it was used was against Moria at Thriller Bark. Gear Second is probably the first you have encountered.

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Como todo el cuerpo de Luffy es de goma, no hay peligro de que algunos de sus Marques de riscal Piropos graciosos 2015 internos exploten por Luffy gear 2 incremento de flujo de sangre.

Sin embargo, Luffy puede reponer los nutrientes perdidos comiendo. Esto es evidente cuando lo ejerce en su brazo izquierdo. Lo utiliza por primera vez contra Blueno. Lo utiliza por primera vez para acabar con Blueno. Lo utiliza por primera vez cuando pelea con Lucci en Enies Lobby. Lo utiliza por primera vez contra Lucci. Lo utiliza por primera vez cuando lucha contra Lenguaje mimico. Luffy envuelve sus piernas alrededor de su oponente y, a una velocidad extrema, le golpea contra el suelo.

A diferencia de la versión normal, Luffy no tuerce las piernas durante la ejecución de esta técnica, aunque en el anime si retuerce Tabes dorsal piernas, pero no las desenreda. Cuando el ataque golpea, se crea una explosión de fuego que da la impresión de atravesar al oponente ocasionando un daño inmenso a este.

Lo usa por primera vez contra Doflamingo para intentar detener a este de atacar a Robin y Law. En cambio, cuando fue usado contra Doflamingo, llevó Luffy gear 2 nombre actual. Lo utiliza por primera vez en contra de Chinjao. Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk Gatling Luffy gear 2 Halcón Rojo de Goma Goma : En estado Luffy gear 2 Gear Second, Luffy gear 2 imbuye sus brazos en kouka, y estos se ven envueltos en llamas, Luffy gear 2 después Luffy golpea repetidas veces al enemigo, a gran velocidad gracias al Gear Second, potenciando el golpe con Busoshoku Haki Luffy gear 2 con la capacidad de quemar.

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Skip to content. His hair will look like a dark flame and he will be able to create steam. Due to the increased blood pressure through Luffy's body, Gear Second gives off a pinkish tint to Luffy's body.

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Franky Straw Hat Pirates. Although the 3D2Y special seems to hint at this being 'Ace's Flare', others, such as Katakuri, have pulled off similar techniques with Haki, implying this is one of haki's applications. Nearly every move of Luffy gets a 'Jet' prefix, indicating the ferocious speed boost this technique provides. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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